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Altro / TLC Living Community

Altro helps provide aging residents a home away from home
Altro LavenciaAltro WoodAltro OperettaAltro Stronghold 30Altro Aquarius  

With a sprawling six-acre campus consisting of 96 modern contemporary apartments, TLC Living Community provides comprehensive independent and assisted living care personalized to each individual’s unique needs. It offers a thriving senior community with high-end amenities including restaurant-style dining and fitness facilities, as well as an ample selection of social activities that promote wellbeing and relationships for its aging residents. 

Successful senior living design relies heavily on achieving a familiar, home-like aesthetic that allows residents to retain a sense of independence while accounting for the physiological changes experienced with age. For TLC, achieving a practical yet residential look serves as the foundation of its design concept – “it feels like home, because it is home.” Any interior finishes specified for use throughout the campus apartments and service areas during its development would need to embody this concept in addition to enhancing resident safety. 

TLC’s co-owner and primary architect, Rod Gustafson, selected Altro as the project’s single source for all resilient material - capable of covering many different area types with a variety of practical design options. 

In the facility hallways, multiple shades of Altro Operetta smooth flooring were arranged in a flora pattern to add a design statement to TLC’s interior. Ideal for busy areas, Altro Operetta is a robust solution that can easily cope with constant foot traffic and rolling equipment. This design choice was complemented by the use of Altro Wood sheet flooring’s realistic wood visuals in the facility’s entrance and adjacent corridors, creating a cohesive, residential aesthetic.

Altro Lavencia, a stylish, low-maintenance LVT flooring,  was chosen for the resident apartments and corresponding restrooms. This range’s square-edge construction removes potential hiding spots for bacteria and excess moisture, enhancing cleanability while preventing damage to the subfloor over time.

The back-of-house areas featured two different Altro safety flooring ranges – Altro Aquarius in the laundry rooms, and Altro Stronghold 30 in the kitchen. Both of these options provide excellent slip resistance against common liquid contaminants including water, grease and detergent, protecting staff against workplace injuries.

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